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Monday, September 28, 2009

A Little Cherry On Top

Hey guys,

So in my search for some spice in my step, I found an online site to help us track our routes, You can map out different running/biking routes online on your ACTUAL street names, tells you the type of terrain and distance, keep track of calorie intake, calculate what our calorie intake should be and record our progress (ie Weight morning/night, inches lost, distance, set reminders for workouts etc)!!

This site truly I found amazing and a great boost as well as another in my face commitment I couldn't ignore.

So check it out and add as a friend if you sign up!

my user name is: YoungHeartOldSoul

ohh yeaa
Let me knwo what you guys think.

Happy Sneakers

Week Two

Ok Marathon hopefuls,

I can't do anything but be honest with you guys. I was not even going to post... ever.... again.

I was going to give up on my insane ambition to become this super motivated amazing long distance runner! That put my little ballerina figured sister to shame, (she got the petite Italian gene). Work began to seem harder, days longer, night shorter, feet two heavy, excuses too clever. "To even THINK about putting off that cat nap and bubble bath would be just ludicrous, I'd be ten times more tired in the morning and useless the next day" I would have to sacrifice my run today, no matter how much I cringe at the idea... Yea right.

But sitting here watching my jeans get tighter and motivation dither I just about near slapped myself in the face (if that wouldn't of raised some psychological alert)
I'm letting it win! And I can't. Even if there is noone reading this blog, I have to be a ray of light, a success story wandering through this online obyss waiting for the right person to read it and maybe make the slightest difference.

SO this entry is to give reassurance to anybody who really gets down I MEAN ROCK BOTTOM. Where your making up excuses for yourself for putting off your workout time. No excuse or procrastination is good enough girl/guy. Because they become to convenient, too addictive! I just found any old excuse to smuther my guilt inside. Everybody goes there at one point or another. Now's the time to set yourself back up on that pedestal and be considered a winner and persevere. I just picture Rocky Balboa. It works, HOW CAN ONE get more pumped up about being an underdog and rising from the ashes an amazing jogging symbol of furry!!

SO lace up people!

It's back on the wagon time.

Signed Second wind

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week one

Motivation is a fickle thing. One minute I feel like I'm beaming with intent, purpose and, dare I say it, hope for success! Then I think about the deep, burning breathes, aching garbage bags of sand...err... I mean legs and sheer embarrassment of clearly showing failure every 2 minutes to every civilian and passing car.

Ohhhhh IS THERE NO MERCY! Every time I see a runner merrily basking in a sweaty gratifying jog I have to blurt out a pathetic "whyyyyyyyy?!? Why can't I just do that?!"
Ohh well, I'm getting there! Despite the many many many many, (did I say endless?) amounts of distractions and little voices telling me " why do you bother?" I've been getting in my daily 2 mile nightmare.
WOW for an optimist I sure sound dull, cynical and depressing don't I!

I can't lie to you...stranger... the day after I began the blog I didn't run. I couldn't bring myself to accept my commitment. But then I realized THERE I GO AGAIN, this time I have given up and given in before I had barely begun! No no no, this is not happening. I am a changed WOMAN, CHANGED and this is my first and most painful transition I'm sure.

So as I would slowly jog along the sidewalk of a familiar street I would beg every stop light to cut me some slack so I could rest lazily at the corner waiting for that oddly scrutinizing white walking man light to appear and command me to continue my torture.

well command no farther! I did it didn't I? Geeze. Even if I did walk, ohhh I'd say a good 80% of the way. Hey, it could be worse.

Until next time I lace up, ohh err... I guess tonight.

signed the light hearted and lead footed....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Well here I go, on to failure or success!?

BAH! Those first 15.... or Last 15...
The agony of summer swimsuits forces you to vow to a rigorous workout plan. Commit to a gym, a yoga class, eating better; you choose your poison. But this.... This is much more, this is a mindset, lifestyle and personality CHANGE! A marathon to find my motivation.

The Plan: To get me (the motivationally challenged) to RUN without a single break 2 miles 5 days a week * *to gain a little perspective I can't get myself to run for 400 meters...... 200 meters in fact. Ugh. I'm serious.**

The Deadline: New years 2010

The Purpose: Well lets put it this way, since I was a kid I was always athletic, on every sports team there was (including EVEN our school skipping demo team) Yet when it came to running I could never get myself to overcome the discomfort I felt when I started to get the slightest bit tired. At 12 years old I was 1st place at our regional track meet when I found myself at the start line for the 800 meter dash. Not even half way through I felt so terrible I faked a knee injury. Of course thsi is most likely where my drama queen demeanor began. At least I THINK I faked a knee injury, I was pretty convincing even to myself! I've always lacked that motivation to push myself. Sports came naturally to me, so when anything got really difficult or wasn't very easy I would make an excuse. This soon became my life's mantra. AND I AM SICK OF IT! Now 21 years old, sure I'm in ok shape, but I quit my first year of college, quit every job I land within 4 months, quit every relationship when I don't get my way because, well like mama says, the comes around every 5 minutes right, the list goes on! I'm a motivationally challenged BRAT! HOW EMBARRASSING and pathetic. Now is my chance to change.

I'm hoping there is SOMEONE out there like me. anyone? all??
I'm sounding pretentious aren't I? TRUST ME, this is a serious problem. I hope this blog ends up conveying the trap I have cleverly laid out for MYSELF. But paper is the binding covenant right? So I'm hoping to commit to this challenge and train myself to outsource motivation to actually complete something for ONCE in my life.

Well here goes nothing, ugh visioning that up hill slope already makes me want to have a nap.
mmmmm, pillows and warm blanket..... NO NO SNAP out of it! This is a motivational blog! That's it, it's my lazy mind and body versus my sassy soul! Let's go dust off those running shoes, load up my ipod with a new playlist and one step at a time out the door I will go..........